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Online Music Collaboration Made Easy
Available On Demand

Since March, 2020 performing arts communities, including Cabaret, have been scrambling to figure out how to do what we do online. How do we teach, and/or coach, or collaborate with musicians and singers? The Holy Grail of technological feats is, of course, the online synchronous musical collaboration. Can it be done? Yes!

Join David Sabella for this two hour online class detailing different technologies and strategies for optimizing your musical collaboration and teaching over the Internet.

Topics discussed will include:

  • Optimizing Your Technological Set Up for Online Collaboration
    • WiFi speed
    • Ethernet cables and adapters
    • Hardware and Software requirements
      • webcams / microphones / audio interfaces / headphones
  • Optimizing ZOOM settings for Music
  • Solutions for remote accompaniment (Standard and Personalized arr.)
  • Solutions for remote teaching/coaching (low latency)
  • Solutions for remote collaboration (lowest latency, peer to peer music rehearsal)

Demonstrations and videos of ”Internet Midi” and “JamKazam” for online collaboration will be viewed. Step by step instructions given, and questions answered, throughout the session, in real time.