Lyric Connection, Memorization, & Phrasing

Learn everything you need to know about how to tell your personal story through your lyrics and strategies to memorize even the trickiest lyrics.

Coming Soon!

Sue Matsuki & David Sabella present this performance class with  a lecture.

Topics covered in this class will include:

  • The grammar of a song – punctuating and identifying important words to learn how to sing the song as you would speak it. Being “organic” to who you are when you sing.
  • Exploring what is it about how you currently connect to a song and how it can be a deeper connection.
  • Exploring how you honor your feelings in the moment and still give a great performance.
  • How to walk that fine line of singing and entertaining and connecting vs. “therapy” on stage.
  • How do you sing and deliver a Broadway song or a song sung by a specific character as you.
  • How to sing a song with a one-sentence, automatic, mini-placement suggestion.
  • How to learn tricky lyrics. Study suggestions.