Gregory Toroian, Musical Director, Arranger, Songwriter, Teacher, and Jazz Musician. Gregory was just featured in Cabaret Scenes and was the 2020 Bistro Award winner for Outstanding Collaboration with Sue Matsuki. Today we discuss Gregory, the teacher and all the classes he is currently offering.


About Gregory’s Classes:


Most singers jump at the chance to sing with a bass player and drummer–and Monday Night’s PBD Workshop gives you that chance! Whether you’re an experienced performer or new to it, now you can have the experience of hearing and feeling the different musical support when singing with piano and bass and drums. In this open class, bring in songs you have already worked on, songs you know very well, and try them out with a fuller musical accompaniment. And while we’re at it, we’ll experiment and do these tunes in different styles. You may discover you’re a different singer! The first 2 of the 4 sessions will be with a pianist and a bass player; the last 2 sessions, we will bring in a drummer!
This workshop focuses on the principles and application of Jazz Singing. It’s a great opportunity for a singer to explore what’s involved in a jazz style of singing, which usually focuses more on rhythm and improvisation. In this workshop, learn:
• How I’ll de-mystify the often intimidating style of “jazz” singing.
• Practical concepts having to do with jazz phrasing, rhythm and improvisation.
• How to improvise on the melody and how simple this really is, withfundamental techniques under your belt.
• Experiment using different rhythms while improvising on the melody.
• How to listen in a different way to recordings as well as the musicians who are accompanying you.
A CD has been compiled for you with examples of all the points covered in the class sessions. # of SESSIONS: 6
In this workshop, the art of scat singing will be demystified! I will methodically break down this musical mystery and give you the tools you’ll need to improvise a scat solo. You’ll learn which notes, rhythms and syllables to choose…depending on the tempo, feel, etc of the material. You will also listen to and analyze the approaches of different singers during the evolution of scatting. (Prerequisite: Jazz Vocal 1) # of SESSIONS: 6
A continuation of Jazz Vocal Workshop-Level 1, we will dig deeper and learn how to…
• Incorporate more complex rhythms into a given phrase.
• Improvise melodies over a variety of different chord progressions and learning to “HEAR” and recognize these progressions.
• What constitutes “Blues” and the melodic choices that are stylistically appropriate.
• Spontaneously vocally interact with classmates, which ultimately will build your confidence to improvise live.
(Prerequisite: Jazz Vocal 1) # of SESSIONS: 6

About Gregory:
Gregory Toroian is an accomplished musical director, arranger, accompanist and songwriter in New York City…

In addition to working with such artists as Tony Bennett, Jon Hendricks, Cab Calloway, Donna Summer, Melissa Errico, and Jane Olivor, he has appeared in almost every jazz club and cabaret, (major and minor), in New York. He has toured with principal dancers from the New York City Ballet, and has made numerous radio and television appearances including the Today Show and Maury Povich.

His recording work includes the debut CD of award-winning cabaret artist Sue Matsuki, for which he was arranger, producer and pianist. Gregory & Sue also won the MAC award for Best Duo Production. He has done 5 CD’s with NYC cabaret singer Nancy Stearns that are getting radio play worldwide. Gregory’s vocal arrangements have been featured on a series of albums in the US and Japan, by the vocal group String of Pearls.

He is currently working on 2 new CD’s with Sue Matsuki and his own debut CD.  As a songwriter, his songs have been sung and recorded by numerous singers in New York and has written the music for the theme song for an upcoming Boston Red Sox documentary called “The Joy Of Sox”.

When not performing and touring, he coaches singers both privately and publicly, having been on the faculty of The New School University and the Lee Strasberg Institute.  He is currently on the faculty of Helen Baldasare’s Cabaret Performance Workshop in NYC.  In his spare time, he conducts workshops and master classes around the country.