Jazz Voice, the new kid in town, is offering an array of classes, Masterclasses and networking opportunities @ www.JazzVoice.com

This on-line site is the brainchild of jazz singer, Alexis Cole (see the video interview below). Over the past and next few weeks they have/are offering Masterclasses with: Sheila Jourdan, Tierney Sutton and Dena DeRose along with classes on: Jazz Arrangements, Building a Website, The Art of the Pitch, How to Write a Press Release and How to Scat. AND…they have monthly “hangs” with their faculty who have included: Karrin Allyson, Jane Monheit, Catherine Russell, Tony DeSare and Jay Clayton.

Monthly membership ranges from $15-$35. Individual one-on-one sessions may be booked with all of the instructors right from the site and you can sing for these teachers if you are a singing member and volunteer to sing in the masterclass.

These are jazz-centric classes but you do not have to know how to sing jazz to be a member or to participate. In fact, you are who Jazz Voice is looking for…come learn how to sing jazz in a safe, fun and highly professional manner.

Please take a few minutes to meet Alexis Cole!