Purchase Online Music Collaboration with Jamkazam

Learn everything you need to know about Jamkazam to have completely synchronous music collaboration online.

Lessons include:

Lesson #1: Why JamKazam and Why Now?, What Can You Do with JamKazam?, Performance Demonstration with Karen Mason
Lesson #2: Definitions, Five Steps of Hardware, Five Steps of JamKazam Set Up, Internet Speed and Optimization
Lesson #3: Specific inventory of all hardware (audio interface, mic, headphones, cables, etc)
Lesson #4: The step by step process of signing up, setting up your audio gear, and connecting to others
Lesson #5:A real-time video demonstration of all the content presented so far (sign up, set up, connecting; Also – using video, and recording audio)
Lesson #6: A demonstration of setting up the app and it’s application (real-time use) in rehearsal/coaching
Lesson #7: An overview of Live Broadcasting with JamKazam
Lesson #8: Questions and Answers

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