4 Week Piano/Bass/Drums Workshop (PBD)
213 W. 35 St. Rm. 602B (between 7th & 8th)


“I have taken countless Piano/Bass/Drums Workshops with Gregory Toroian and the other brilliant musicians.  I keep returning because I keep learning.  Gregory’s specific insights and guidance on phrasing, styling, and musicality are priceless. Also, it’s great fun to sing with the band, to hear their solos, and to share the learning experience with other students.” – Jackie Draper

“This workshop has been an extraordinary opportunity for me – Greg’s insights as to phrasing can change your entire view of a song – you find freedom to bring your own interpretation, but he insists you remain true to the tempo and beats of the music.  It is an invaluable discipline – and he is masterful in teaching it.” – John Philip


In accordance with CDC and New York State guidelines, if you are fully vaccinated, it is your decision whether or not to wear a mask. We will continue, for now, to use the plexiglass shield attached to the mic, each singer will have their own individual sponge windscreen for the mic, and we will sanitize the mic and plexiglass between singers. Government proof of vaccination is required to participate in class…no exceptions.


Most singers jump at the chance to sing with a bass player and drummer–and the PBD Workshop gives you that chance! Whether you’re an experienced performer or new to it, now you can have the experience of hearing and feeling the different musical support when singing with piano and bass and drums. In this open class, bring in songs you have already worked on, songs you know very well, and try them out with a fuller musical accompaniment.  And while we’re at it, we’ll experiment and do these tunes in different styles. You may discover you’re a different singer! The first 2 sessions will be with a pianist and a bass player; the last 3 sessions, we will bring in a drummer!

# of SESSIONS: 4  TUITION: $400 (or if it’s a 5-week month $520)

Classes start the first week of every month and run for the next 4-5 weeks.

There is usually a 3:00 class and a 6:00 class on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Please let Gregory  know your availability Monday thru Friday, daytime or evening