It is with great appreciation for all that she has done, and excitement for what is yet to come for her, that the Cabaret Hotspot family must bid a loving adieu to Sue Matsuki, our founding Managing Editor.

Pangea 10/23

Sue’s professional and personal generosity and kindness to all performers in this genre is matched only by her performance experience and knowledge of cabaret, in all of it’s complexities. She is the recipient of the first Julie Wilson Award, given by the Mabel Mercer Foundation in 2004, and was personally chosen to receive this award by Julie Wilson herself. She is also a three-time MAC Award winner, and recieved a Bistro Award for her career-long collaboration with music director Gregory Toroian, in 2019.

Originally introduced to me by Richard Skipper, in 2017, Sue has been my “good right eye” in all things cabaret since the day we met. Sue has not only been my editorial colleague in Cabaret Hotspot and co-author of our book “So You Want to Sing Cabaret,” but also a teaching colleague at Fordham University, one of my best friends, my own personal confidant, and a beloved “aunt” to my children.

Once lovingly nicknamed “the Godmother of Cabaret,” Sue’s new nickname might as well be “Cabaret Super-Star,” as she is now taking her rightful place among the most sought-after performers in this industry. With performances planned across the country in 2022 and beyond, Sue is stepping away from writing/editing for Cabaret Hotspot, in order to dedicate the necessary time to her performance career.

We wish her all the best in her career and life. This is not goodbye, as she remains to me and all of us a trusted friend and colleague. But now instead of writing reviews, she will be getting raves.

Bravo Sue! Knock’em dead!