David Sabella / CABARET HOTSPOT! offers a 6 week Vocal Technique Workshop series. Create your own group or do a private session.

Please visit: https://www.davidsabella.com/

Find your authentic voice! Understanding how your voice works will give you the “keys to the kingdom” and release hidden range and color in your voice. In these 6 classes singers will learn about the mechanics and acoustics of the voice and it’s practical application in performance.

Each singer will get 40 minutes of work (20 minute group warm up and technical instruction, and 20 minutes solo technical work at the piano.)

Sign up for the whole series, or split it with a friend. Subs and auditors also welcome

David Sabella was able to locate the root of each singers’ challenge and find easy, understandable ways to resolve them.  The Master Class was an terrific experience, even for an auditor.  His knowledge of how singing works was matched by his ability to explain the science in very accessible yet precise ways. – Lynda Rodolitz

David explained the science of vocal production in such a way that it is accessible and easily understood. He quickly identified problematic areas for a variety of singers and offered practical adjustments with quick results. I’m so impressed that someone with his vocal and performance gifts is also such a consummate teacher. – Mary Sue Daniels

I loved the connection between fitness and singing. As someone who also runs, I understand the cool down after a run to reduce the lactic acid build up in the = muscles as well as staying hydrated. My run coach tells me this all the time. When David said that you need to “cool down” after singing a show, blew me away. vocal cords are a muscle and the up keep of that muscle is so important. – Terri Dannenberg

Maximum 8 people.